An Essay About Good and Evil

Good and Evil Essay

Rousseau commented that God makes all things good; man meddled in them and they become evil. What Rousseau was trying to point out is that all God’s creation was perfect, but man through his acts brought in evil. Thus, everything is good because it comes from God and as it seems everything degenerates because of man. In the creation story, man’s service was to tender the garden but man transgressed God and that brought about evil and understanding of bad and good (Rousseau, Scott and Lacroix,2012).

In that regard, human beings are naturally good because they were made in the likeness of God, but it is the society and its artificial institutions that have corrupted them. It is through man’s growing appetite, love for order and welfare of his kind that has made himto acquire animal like behaviors giving room for injustices to thrive. This has made man turn away from the original purpose that was of preservation.

Therefore, he advocates for a complete social revolution, not a pedagogical reform, but one that will replace the artificial traditions of civilized life by cultivating individuals who are natural and self-reliant. Rousseau asserts that children are born absolutely ignorant, impressionable, dependent and without rational thoughts, but can gain knowledge through their contact with the world.

Rousseau believes that there is a connection between rational being and spiritual unity. He believes that God is intelligent and man can be intelligent when he reasons. Hence, he advocates for education as a way of acquiring knowledge, attitudes and believes that will make man reason. It is through education that a rational being will be born who will take his place in the society and fight for a good course (Rousseau, Scott and Lacroix,2012).

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